About us

Logitess has in-house expertise of 15+ years in pharmaceutical regulatory affairs, as well as high performance software development and secure operations experience.

We formed as a company to serve the gap in the market for advanced software for regulatory affairs groups in the pharmaceutical industry.  Mature platforms grow into being bloated software, and are often unintuitive and rigid, causing them to be slow and difficult to use. In addition, as demands on companies increase, the number of platforms have multiplied resulting in departments using multiple systems which do not “speak” to each other, such that data has to be entered and documents uploaded in multiple locations.

Human error rates will ultimately limit process delivery to about four sigma, or a 1 per cent failure rate. But long before we reach such outstanding performance, we need to avoid entering the same data twice (human error source) and storing the same data in multiple places.

Our mission is to address these problems and positively make a difference.